آخرین اخبار از تحریم های آمریکا علیه ایران

اجاره ساعتی انواع خودروهای لوکس بدون ضامن

اجاره ویلای ارزان فقط با 50 تومن

اجاره ویلا

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travel in iran

travel in iran


This different and extremely big bazaar is a must be seen place when you travel to Tehran. There are numerous shops in Tehran Grand Bazaar, selling all kinds of goods you may imagine, from jewelry to most colorful and beautiful carpets of the world! It is also located in a very old area of Tehran with a different structure. Visiting the bazaar, you may also enjoy famous restaurants around.

If you are fond of modern sites, Milad tower can be a good option. This tower is the sixth tallest tower of the world. It is 450 meters high and has restaurants, cafes and museums worth to visit. Additionally, while you are at the top of the tower, you have a good sight of Tehran. it is recommended to visit the tower at night to have a beautiful and unforgettable prospect of Tehran.

Golestan Palace is one of the oldest monuments of Tehran. The complex of Golestan Palace was build during the rules of Qajar kings. The palace consists of halls, structures and museums. The historic Palace is a must be seen site when you travel to Tehran, so don’t ignore it!

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